Burlock and Barrel
Makers of Hand Crafted Bourbon and Spirits

Burlock and Barrel creates three unique and all hand crafted spirits.  B&B Reserve our aged Bourbon,  Whisper our aged and un-aged Rice Whiskey and our Whim brand, a white corn whiskey with a Whim of flavor.  In the 1910s brothers Ben and Bill McCoy owned a boat yard near the Jacksonville, Florida Shipyards. They crafted yachts for socialites like the Carnagies, Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, and the Flaglers. Business faltered in the 1920s during prohibition. In efforts to regain their wealth they began bootlegging whiskeys from the Bimini in the Bahamas to the east coast of the U.S. Using Jacksonville, Florida as a hub, they would distribute to legendary gangsters such as Bugs Moran and Al Capone. Specializing in buying only high-quality whiskey, which was never diluted and having a reputation for fair dealings, the phrase “the real McCoy,” a phrase that stands today as a reference to the “authentic” article, became synonymous with his name. Bill McCoy is also credited with inventing the “burlock,” six straw wrapped bottles, three on the bottom, then two, then one. They were sewn tightly into a burlap bag; Hence our name Burlock and Barrel Distillery.  


Burlock and Barrel Reserve is our flag ship American Whiskey. Along with our other spirits, B&B Reserve is distilled, barreled, and bottled entirely in house. Handcrafted and bottled in small batches this exceptional spirit is made from sweet white food-grade corn, barely, and rye. Burlock and Barrel reserve is incredibly smooth and sweet with notes of roasted caramel, honey, hazelnut, spiced oak, rye, and vanilla.


Arguably one of the most unique spirits produced is Burlock and Barrel’s 100% Rice Grain Whiskey. Inspired by Lao-Lao, the native spirit of Laos, the team at Burlock and Barrel experimented for over 3 years developing their take on the this distinct spirit. Matured in charred white America Oak barrels, this spirit imparts classic rich bourbon flavors like oak, vanilla, caramel, and florals along with smooth velvety cherries, toasted almonds, and bubble gum.


The entire Burlock and Barrel team believes that drinking whiskey should always be fun. So the Burlock team took their whiskey and set out to do just that by creating Whim, a line of whiskey cordials and liquors. Keeping with the ideology of using only quality ingredients, the Whim line is comprised of an array of 100% natural flavors made from fruits, spices, teas, nectars, and botanicals. Inspiration for a new flavor always seems to come about spontaneously, therefore each special flavor is produced seasonally in limited quantiles. 

New Burlock and Barrel Facility

Our facility is located in Downtown Jacksonville, Florida in the heart of the historic neighborhood of Brooklyn. 


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